Crystal Zhang(Wanyao Zhang) is a classically trained actress, producer, writer, professional dancer born in China. She has studied dancing for 14 years, includes ballet, modern dance, Chinese classical dance. She studied acting in recent 7 years, performing in 40+ full length plays and graduated from Guizhou University(BFA Degree) and New York FILM Academy(MFA Degree). In 2015, Crystal Zhang came to Los Angeles. She is known for Moments of Enlightenments(2015), Reunion(2016), Immigration Blues(2016) and upcoming film Fate(2018). She also is the lead actress in the upcoming short film in Ashes(2018). Crystal Zhang participated in commercials for Tsing Tao Beer, Beats, Cover Girl, Cadillac, SAS Airline, McDonald's, iTalkBB etc. Moreover, she took part in TV shows for How to Get Away With Murder, American Horror Story, Lucifer, Gray’s Anatomy, Shameless etc.  

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